Firework Events to fit every need and budget. City celebrations, stadium and arena productions.  Theatrical, Stage and
Special Effects . National and world tours. Studio Production and Agency SFX. Private Events and Corporate Branding.  
Exposhows delivers what you want, where you need it and when you want it.   Operational excellence throughout the
United States, Canada and worldwide.
               Value Added Client Services

Featuring turnkey services with unparalleled attention  to
detail,  your event will outshine the competition creating
the WOW at your venue.

  • City & Municipal Firework Celebrations
  • Theatrical Stage / SFX / Arena Pyrotechnics
  • Stadium Outdoor Sky Painting Productions
  • Special Effects, Flames, Lasers and Lighting
  • Corporate Branding & Private Events

Our world class experienced, licensed  pyrotechnicans  
and certified meeting  professionals on staff work with
your event directors to ensure the vision is fully realized
and expectations exceeded.

With the safest, biggest & best shows for your budget,
cutting edge digital, wireless systems and state of the art
laser & lighting technology allow remarkable capabilities
beyond those of other vendors.

We'd love to hear from you!  To discuss a future event,
RFP or ideas, get info or any questions about all things
pyrotechnical. please e-mail us at:  
or contact our corporate office at 424-322-8747

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