Firework Events to fit every need and budget. City celebrations, stadium and arena productions.  Theatrical, Stage and
Special Effects . From private events to national and world tours. Studio Production and Agency FX.  Exposhows delivers   
what  you want, where you need it and when you want it . Operational excellence throughout the United States & Canada.
     Value Added Client Services

Featuring turnkey services with unparalleled       
attention to detail,  your event will outshine the          
competition creating the WOW at your venue.

  • City & Municipal Firework Celebrations
  • Theatrical Stage / SFX / Arena Pyrotechnics
  • Stadium Outdoor Sky Painting Productions
  • Corporate  Branding & Private Events
  • Special Effects, Lasers and Lighting

Our world class experienced and federally
licensed  pyrotechnicans & certified meeting  
professionals on staff work with your event
directors to ensure the vision is fully realized
and expectations exceeded.

With the safest, biggest & best shows for your         
budget, our cutting edge digital, wireless show
systems and choreography allow us capabilities
that are beyond other vendors.

We'd love to hear from you!  To discuss a future
event, RFP or ideas, get info or find out about all   
things pyrotechnical. please e-mail us at:  or contact our sales team.

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